It Takes One Boat To Be Courageous.

Ignite the human spirit in others.

Through the sport of ocean rowing, we will:

Empower our veterans to keep living their best life.

Build resources for medical innovation to find a cure for NF.

Help those with eating disorders.

The Team

Paul Lore

Paul Lore

A veteran of the U.S. Marines, Paul is very active in his community of Fernandina Beach, FL. He rowed across the Atlantic in 2021 with Team Foar from Home, and then rowed from California to Hawaii in 2023 with Team Ohana. Read more

Jayme Linker

Jayme Linker

Jayme is a Colorado native who has been an endurance athlete for 14 years competing in a variety of adventure races, ultra runs, and survival races. Her biggest endurance was was the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in 2021 where she rowed 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean on a mixed pairs team and in 2023, Jayme rowed from Monterey, CA to Kauai, HI with Team Aloha Kai. Read more


Matthew Wagoner

Matthew Wagoner, originally from VA, now lives in Colorado and works as an Outdoor Educator for 5th graders.

His interests are in: dirt biking, camping, rock climbing, and really any outdoor activities. Read more


Jon Sauer, Jr.

John Sauer, Jr.

John Michael is an avid NASCAR fan. Enjoys rowing, cycling and swimming distances. Read more


Emma Wolstenholme

I grew up in Burnley and, although it's quite inland, I was a real water baby and completed a 5km swim when I was just 8… and every badge you can think of by the time I was 10, including Personal Survival. Read more


Jorge Martin

Jorge Martin

Jorge was born in Cuba and migrated to the US in 1962 At the age of 8 with his parents.  He attended grade school  in South Florida, attended the University of Miami and Barry University, where he received his BS in 1995. Read more

The Mission

Oarsome Expedition will use the sport of Ocean Rowing and attempt to row around the world within 2 1/2 years. We will be rowing for our Veterans and their K9 service dogs, those families living with Neurofibromatosis (NF), and those struggling with eating disorders. Learn more


To Lead with Love.

Four Pillars 

Row With Purpose

Row To Connect Communities Together

Row To Grow Awareness

Row For Service of Others