It Takes One Boat To Be Courageous.

Ignite the human spirit in others.

Through the sport of ocean rowing, we will:

Empower our veterans to keep living their best life.

Build resources for medical innovation to find a cure for NF.

Inspire others

The Mission

Oarsome Expedition will use the sport of Ocean Rowing and attempt to row around the world within 2 1/2 years. We will be rowing for our Veterans and their K9 service dogs, those families living with Neurofibromatosis (NF), and inspiring a new generaltion of young people through the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. Learn more


To Lead with Love.

Four Pillars 

Row With Purpose

Row To Connect Communities Together

Row To Grow Awareness

Row For Service of Others

Our Causes

K9s for Warriors

We are rowing for K9s for Warriors. No Veteran should be on a waiting list for a Service Dog.  This will be Pauls 3rd row for K9s for Warriors. Paul has seen first hand how these special service dogs save warrior's lives. The team is specifically raising money for the renovation of Kennel 105 on the main campus of K9s for Warrior.  Having more dogs equals more veterans receiving their dog sooner. Learn more


$500,000 Kennel 105 rehab

Penny’s Flight

We are rowing for Penny's Flight. Paul met this amazing Family while rowing the Mid-Pacific for the Michele Hollbrook and the Children's Tumor Foundation. The Team wants to continue to increase awarness of Neurofibromatosis in Honor of Penny who lost her life to NF at 16-years old and to Michele who continues to live with NF.   Learn more


$500,000 goal